Lili & Lala makes high quality garments and shoes that will last for a long time if taken care of properly. Our collections are not seasonal but limited editions, different editions are sold parallelly inour web store and through retailers. We hope that you will wear your garments many times, combine styles from different editions and pair them with garments from other brands that you like and want to support and wear.
Some tips on how to make out clothes and wooden shoe styles look good for a long time:
-Use a mild detergent that prevents colors from fading.
-Use a short washing program.
-Avoid drying clothes in sunlight as this will make colors fade.
-Air your clothes to freshen them up when a wash isn’t really needed.
-Extra buttons are stitched onto the wash label but you can also contact us on if you need to replace a lost button.
-Use sand paper on the wooden soles to remove scratches or stains
-Brush up nubuck and suede leather with a special suede brush, available at the shoemaker’s.
-The beige leather will change color and darken in a beautiful way over time. If you want to make the leather water and stain resistant, please use a suitable leather treatment (available at shoemakers and shoe stores). This will give the leather a darker, consistent tone. 
-The shoe labels can slide off the wooden soles after some time. If you want to replace the shoe labels, please contact us on and we will send you new ones.
When you feel ready to part with your garment or shoes, we hope that you will find a way to prolong its life cycle by:
- giving it to a friend
- selling it 
- remaking it
- donating it to charity
- using the material for something else