Why we don't do seasonal sales

Large seasonal sales encourage overspending and spending without a real reason. It is easy to justify one’s own spending on seasonal sales with ”I buy the things I would have bought anyway but at a reduced price”. There is however always someone who has to pay the price for everything purchased at a rate that doesn’t cover production costs and proper salaries to the people who make the goods. Seasonal sales was created to trigger our purchase behaviours and as long as we adhere to it, large actors within the garment industry will continue to produce excessive amounts of goods to sell at discounted prices at the expense of the environment.  Ever since the start in 2014 Lili & Lala has been very conscious about producing ethically and with minimal waste. We do not offer seasonal sales – and very few sales over all. We do not produce seasonal collections and follow trends – instead we work with pieces that can be combined together season after season. Please take care of each other and of our beautiful planet! Love from Lili & Lala.

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