Christian Stoltz -third generation clog maker

Making wooden shoes is a handicraft that dates back hundreds of years in Sweden. Today the amount of artisans in Sweden who can make a perfect wooden shoe can be counted on one hand. It's obviously not an easy craft - Christian Stoltz says it takes around 3000 pairs of practice shoes to become "ok" at the craft.

Christian spent the afternoons after school by the nailing machine at his grandfather's workshop, taking the skill and tradition further into the third generation.

In the 60's, the golden era of the wooden shoe, Christian's grandfather Allan Håkansson had 63 employees crafting shoes.

Christian waited for many years before he felt confident enough to start his own business. In his grandfather's old barn outside of Sösdala in southern Sweden he is now making wooden shoes for his own brand as well as for Hollie Woods and other clients from Germany, USA, Finland and Sweden.

We are incredible proud to be part of the history of this fantastic traditional handicraft.

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